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The Premier Art Fair And Gathering


Immerse in ART Expo Ljubljana 2025: a vibrant space for artists to showcase work, network, and discover new opportunities. Join a celebration that merges visual and performing arts, enriching the creative community with innovation and collaboration.


Dive into an unparalleled artistic journey at ART Expo Trieste 2024! Engage with over 200 artists from more than 20 countries, explore environmental themes, and embrace innovation in a global celebration of diverse artistic expressions.


Explore ART Expo Graz: an exciting new venue for artists to exhibit, network, and uncover fresh prospects. Dive into a fusion of visual and performing arts, fostering a vibrant community of innovation and artistic exchange in Graz. Join the cultural renaissance!

Official Video of ART Expo Ljubljana 2023

Official Video of ART Expo Ljubljana 2023

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Welcome to ART Expo, the vibrant meeting point for the international art community. Our mission is to create a space where artists, collectors, and art lovers from around the world can come together to celebrate the dynamic and diverse nature of contemporary art. Our biannual events are not only platforms for displaying incredible artworks but also forums for dialogue, education, and innovation.


Each event is meticulously curated to provide an enriching experience for attendees, offering live performances, workshops, and interactive sessions that highlight the importance of art in society and its potential for collective growth. As organisers, we are committed to bringing ART Expo to cities that are not traditional art metropolises but possess huge potential for the development of the art and culture sector. This approach helps to invigorate local art scenes and open up new avenues for cultural exchange and economic development in emerging art markets.

Join us in exploring the endless possibilities that art holds and become part of a community that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.



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