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  • Do I have to be physically present at the event?
    Not necessarily. The upcoming version of ART Expo Ljubljana is more gallery-like than fair-like. It is however recommended that you are present for better promotion and artwork sales as well as communication with potential buyers.
  • Can somebody replace me at the location of the event?
    Yes. It is recommended for you to find a substitute who will present your work to the visitors instead of you. Each name of your substitute has to be made known to AAMI team beforehand in order for the accreditation for the substitute to be acquired.
  • Does your team provide the inventory (chairs, tables, pedestals) for my exhibition space?
    Because we wish to maintain a high level of the event also through inventory compliance, we offer our exhibitors a chance of inventory rental. Individual inventory rental packages will be available as pre-orders.
  • I do not wish to sell my artworks at the location. Can I still participate in the event?
    Yes. ART Expo Ljubljana is an event which is intended to promote your work and you as an artist. If you do not wish to sell your artworks then this is your legitimate choice and sales are not mandatory.
  • Is there a limit to the dimensions of the exhibited artworks?
    In your exhibition space you are able to exhibit artworks which do not exceed the dimensions of the exhibition surface of your space. The dimensions therefore depend on the size of your chosen exhibition space. The dimensions of artworks are limited only for group exhibition section – 80 cm x 80 cm.
  • Is there a limit to the number of the exhibited artworks?
    You can exhibit as many artworks as you decided for in your layout preposition which needs to be sent to and approved by the organizers before the event. Some exhibitors will present only larger artworks and some only smaller.
  • Are there any requirements regarding the technique or motifs of the artworks?
    No. Each exhibitor presents himself with the technique and motifs which best represent him as an artist. It is however important that the organizer approves the proposed choice of artworks and layout before the event.
  • Who is in charge of potential artwork sales?
    Each exhibitor takes care of their individual artwork sales. In case of sales, 100% profit goes to the exhibitor as AAMI does not charge any commission.
  • How are sales executed at the event?
    The exhibitor is obliged to execute artwork sale and invoicing according to laws and regulations. The sold artwork stays on the exhibition wall until the end of the event and will be labelled with a red dot next to the artist name tag.
  • Am I allowed to bring and distribute my own promotional materials such as business cards, catalogues and brochures at the event?
    Yes. The purpose of exhibiting at the event is your promotion in the best way possible, so promotional materials are allowed and recommended. The promotional materials will be available for visitors at chosen locations.
  • Does your team take care of the setup of exhibition spaces?
    Yes. Each exhibitor takes care of the arrangement and concept of their exhibition space which needs to be confirmed by organizer before the event. Each exhibitor brings artworks to the location – Brdo Congress Centre for dropoff and after that AAMI team executes the setup/mounting of all exhibition spaces.
  • Are there any guarantees regarding artwork sale?
    No. The sales are dependent mostly on exhibitor's initiative and endeavour.
  • Do exhibited artworks need to be framed?
    No, this is not a necessity.
  • I create artworks of larger dimensions (larger than maximum exhibition space). Is there a chance for me to present my work in this case?

    Yes. In this case we will discuss the setup of your artwork at a location where there is enough space (central space location, between different zones, by the main stage, etc.).
  • Is there electrical power plug available at the location?
    Each exhibitor that might require an electrical power plug at the location must inform AAMI team prior to the event in order for his exhibition corner to be positioned accordingly.
  • I create within different art disciplines, what should I exhibit in this case?
    It is best to discuss this with AAMI team when you apply, so that we can find the best way for your presentation. You can present different art disciplines and artworks within one presentational corner. Example; a fashion designer is also a painter and decides to exhibit within the fashion zone, but he can present his paintings in this exhibition corner as well.
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