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Reserve your copy of the future: the 2025 ART Expo Official Catalogue, a beacon of creativity yet to be unveiled. This collector's edition, set for release in 2025, is presently available for pre-order. It promises to encapsulate an evolving art landscape, featuring an eclectic mix of both emerging talents and renowned artists, as well as groundbreaking performances. Although the catalogue is currently in development, securing your copy today ensures that you will be among the first to explore the full spectrum of artistic innovation showcased at the forthcoming ART Expo. This is your opportunity to anticipate the art world’s next big trends and to own a piece of history in the making. Pre-order now and receive your exclusive guide to the 2025 ART Expo, a testament to artistic diversity and collaboration, as soon as it is released.

ART Expo Ljubljana 2025 Official Catalogue

€ 19,50Price
Expected to Ship Late 2025
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